Tell-IoT – Easy access to detailed insights

Traffic monitoring made easy

Getting an overview of the traffic in an area does not have to be difficult. Specify when, were, and for how long, and we will fix the rest. You will only subscribe for data and these are online at all times. Easy installation and operation – Tell-IoT thrives best at the height of a lamppost, as opposed to alternative solutions that require removal of asphalt or are very visuell in traffic.

The Tell-IoT service categorizes vehicles into classes such as light vehicles, vehicles and heavier vehicles. As the categorization expands, it will become available in the portal.

Click & monitor

It should be easy to use our services. Choose your location and log in to the portal to monitor your data. We will fix the installation, operation and maintenance. Our technology does not require major interventions in the area – only a small sensor attached to a lamppost.

Your dashboard

Get reports that show both historical and current data. You will be able to assess the traffic situation based on many factors, such as the types of vehicles that make up the traffic, the speed and the noise it represents. Variation over time.

Unique sensor technology

The Tell-IoT device is small and compact. It contains a number of different sensors that enable it to count traffic without using a camera. Using advanced machine learning, it has learned to recognize different types of vehicles without seeing them.

Who we are


Tectal was established in 2016 and is driven by a desire to create smart solutions for transport. We are a Stavanger-based technology company that develops and produces technology in Norway. The company originates from experienced competence environments within electronics development, industry design, mechanics and software development. Tell-iot is a service developed by Tectal AS in collaboration with our partners. The product is owned and operated by Tectal AS.


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